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Tuite is an advanced form of grappling, joint manipulation, hyper extensions and breaks that are hidden within the movements and principles of kata. "The literal meaning of "Tuite" ( in Okinawan pronunciation is to grab the opponents hands before executing protection techniques." - Ryu Te no Michi: The Way of RyuKyu Hands; p.4-61

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Okinawan Karate & Kobudo Academy

Kobudo is a very old martial tradition that involves training and practice with a variety of hand held weapons – metal and wooden weapons, bladed and non-bladed weapons. Training with weapons in the martial arts is of vital importance as this method of training teaches the true value of life, and emphasizes how fine the line is between life and death through knowledge of the subtle balance between the ‘weapon that gives life’ and the ‘weapon that takes life’. Weapons training reinforces the importance of and necessity for great mental focus and intense physical control as fighting with a weapon, when used as intended, that is, an extension of the human body, is much more dangerous than fighting with bare hands or the body itself (Platt, Williams and Dixon, 1998: 30)

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Core Karate offers fundamental training for complete protection techniques using both physical and mental development. We build a foundation by combining a focus on body positioning, mental concentration and effective timing. While the foundation is being built,  Core Karate adds in Kobudo and Tuite training to increase the intensity of the art to result in total life self protection.